Sigri Estate - Wahgi Valley, Papua New Guinea

Sigri Estate - Wahgi Valley, Papua New Guinea


Founded in 1951, the Sigri Estate has been producing some of the finest coffee of Papua New Guinea. This origin is located in the Wahgi Valley, and is not only dedicated to raising the bar for coffee quality, but raising the average wage in the local area. You can even follow them on facebook! We've been able to develop a friendship bridge with these awesome people and we hope to continue the relationship for a long time to come.

This lot from the Sigri estate has wonderful bittersweet chocolate tones with exotic fruit notes. We use this coffee as espresso in our shop and take advantage of the chocolatey flavor to pair with our steamed milk.

LOCATION: Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands Province
ALTITUDE: 1550 m above sea level
SOIL TYPE: Volcanic
SHADE TREES:Old-growth trees

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